Thursday, March 26, 2015

Citizen launches new low cost, high spec label printer

Citizen Systems Japan Company Ltd. latest label printer, the CL-E720, combines functionality, reliability and smooth operation in a single, cost-efficient, compact product.

The newest tabletop label printer from Citizen Systems Japan Company Ltd. fulfills the market’s desire for a compact product that is big on output, accuracy and longevity yet low in cost. Easy to operate, the CL-E720 is built to withstand the specific conditions of the typical logistics, warehouse, factory or retail setting. It offers an impressive amount of features and options, usually reserved for higher end, more expensive models.
In terms of size and accessibility, the CL-E720 slides into a surprisingly small space and opens up from the front for easy ribbon changes and adjustments, leaving more room for other, essential equipment.

The multilingual LCD display is backlit and the viewing panel can be adjusted so information on printer status and ribbon life can be seen and reacted to in all conditions and lighting levels.

With print speeds up to 8 ips, 200mm/s in Direct Thermal, up to 6 ips, 150mm/s in Thermal Transfer, and a resolution of 203 dpi (8 dots/mm), the Citizen CL-E720 bridges a gap in the Citizen's existing product range while offering a more capable label printer to the market.

A key feature of the Citizen CL-E720 is the Hi-Lift™ Active Ribbon Control & Positioning (ARCP™) mechanism, offering the user a trouble-free experience where high-quality output is achieved with every print run. The 360 meters ribbon fits on easy-loading ribbon holders and retains its tension from start to finish, so print quality and positioning is of the highest and most precise standard. Smart engineering features also include adjustable ribbon tension settings and ink in or ink out automatic selection. All of which offer the user a hassle-free experience where accurate, high-quality output is achieved with every print run.

CL-E720: Basic Specification:-

The next generation of table-top label printers combining the performance and reliability of Citizen with new market leading features:- 

Print speed:                    Up to 8 ips, 200 mm/s in Direct Thermal
                                       Up to 6 ips, 150 mm/s in Thermal Transfer

Print width:                    4.1 inches, 104.1 mm

Resolution:                    203 dpi (8 dots/mm)

Case & Mechanism:      Metal Hi-Open™ style with soft close
                                       Metal Hi-Lift™ vertical opening
                                       Easy-Lift media holder to install or change media rolls

Control panel:                Backlit 2-line LCD with easy-to-use menu system

Power Save:                  Standby Power Consumption as low as 2.6 Watt *50% save than CL-  S700 Energy Star Compliant.

Ribbon:                         360m (1181 ft) length, in- or outside wound with ARCP Ribbon Near End Mode

Interfaces:                      Standard: USB, Ethernet (LAN) with LinkServer™ Management
                                      Optional: Wireless LAN, Parallel, Serial.

Memory:                       16 Mb of Flash (4 Mb for user applications)
                                      32 Mb of SDRAM (4 Mb for user applications)